Bleachers “Gone Now” Tour Hits Philly!

Jack Antonoff and Bleachers made themselves at home in Philly last Thursday. The Fillmore was packed as Bleachers took the stage in support of their most recent album “Gone Now”. This is the second leg of the tour as more dates were added over the summer. Jack has full crowd support as The Fillmore transformed into a party like atmosphere as soon as jack broke from the “Dream of Mickey Mantle” intro and the beat to “Goodmorning” started. Bleachers held the stage for approximately an hour and a half playing “Gone Now” in its entirety as well as most songs from the 2014 debut album “Strange Desires”. Ending the 19 song set with super hits  “I Wanna Get Better” and “Don’t Take the Money” the crowd was practically jumping and singing in place, a pure eruption! Bleachers lyric content coupled with Jack’s command of the crowd and stage is a is a powerful equation. Such a great change of pace in the current music scne and a must see.

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