AWOLNATION Debuts “Here Come the Runts” In Philadelphia!

Philadelphia, PA – Friday night the hungry AWOLNATION fans lined up outside Philadelphia’s Fillmore to be served songs off their new release Here Come the Runts.  The evening started with a surprise bang as Aaron Bruno was high above the crowd joining fans seated in the balcony to start the show.  Aaron dressed as a bandito made it to the western theme stage.  Aaron danced and twisted between crates and plants which filled the stage while crazy arrays of every color imaginable strobe light fired in the background.  Starting with selections from the new release, the crowd embraced the pumped-up tempo songs.  AWAOLNATION then did a much slower cover of Kill Your Heroes which really brought out the melodies behind the song.  AWOLNATION performed a unique setlist including many of the songs from the current release as well a good mix of old favorites.  AWOLNATION Setlist: Here Come the Runts, Seven Sticks of Dynamite, Passion, Kill Your Heroes (Slow Version), Soul Wars, Table for One, Miracle Man, Not Your Fault, Handyman, Stop That Train.  Encore: Run, Burn It Down, Sail. The tour continues through April in the United States.  

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