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Billy Idol-Steve Stevens performing at the Xcite Center in the PARX Casino - Bensalem, PA on 03.30.19

Billy Idol-Steve Stevens performing at the Xcite Center in the PARX Casino – Bensalem, PA on 03.30.19

Take a “Behind the Music” episode with a “Storytellers” theme, and that’s exactly what rock legends Billy Idol and Steve Stevens brought to the XCite center in Bensalem, Pa.  The SOLD-OUT crowd represented the many tours this duo headlined throughout their career.  Let’s just say the fans were a bit rabid tonight.  As the lights dimmed, out walked the rock legends to kick off the “Turned On, Tuned In and UNPLUGGED” show. 

The evening was a mix of various hits which started with the Generation X classic “Dancing with Myself.” This was an excellent choice to send the crowd into a nostalgic frenzy.  The stage setting was very minimal with just Billy holding a mic, and Steve swapping out various acoustic guitars throughout the night.  On some tracks they provide a drum and backing track which did not take away from the minimalist vibe on stage, but really worked with the selected songs. 

Billy Idol Set List 03.30.19

Billy Idol Set List 03.30.19

Between each song Billy would give you fantastic insight into how the songs came about.  He went into such detail, it really did take you back to a simpler time (cliché alert), you really felt like you were walking the streets of England when Punk was more than a fashion statement, but a lifestyle which Idol lived and breathed.  During one break, we got to hear how Stevens came to meet and eventually work with Idol.  This show was more like a Rock movie, I don’t want to give it away, you really need to see the show to appreciate the artists themselves expressing their musical discoveries, life milestones, both good and bad with people entering and leaving their lives at different points.  You really appreciate how this art is crafted.  It was such a unique show for the casual fan, and a real gem for the die-hard Idol fans.


The tour picks up again in July, you can find tickets HERE along with merch, and everything Idol.  

Article and Photographs by: Bob Linneman

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