Black Label Society melts the Monarch Music Hall


Going to a concert on a weeknight is always a tough call to make. But sometimes you gotta suck it up and GO. Monday nights’ show at the Monarch Music Hall in Peoria, Il. was a prime example why you should as Black Label Society hosted an amazing rock show. And it was wild, Wild, WYLDE!  After opening acts Telekinetic Yeti and Corrosion of Conformity finished, the stage was darkened with a BLS banner that blacked out the entire stage. Soon a wicked mash-up of Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love and Black Sabbath’s War Pigs came blaring out of the sound system as fans were whipped into a sing-along frenzy. When the curtain dropped, there was Zakk Wylde, the Viking King of Metal, front and center, standing atop his monitor, kilt and all. And along with his band mates, launched immediately into ‘Genocide Junkies’ without giving fans a chance to catch their breath. And it was like that all night. No unnecessary chatter or fillers. Just went into song after song after song. John DeServio ran amuck all night delivering heavy bass lines as Dario Lorina kept rhythmic time along with the solid Jeff Fabb on drum duty. The only time the night slowed down was for Zakk’s heartfelt dedication to the Brothers Abbott, Dimebag and Vinnie, as he sat down at a piano and sang ‘In This River’. Immediately following, the pace picked right back up as Zakk made his way through the crowd to the very back of the Monarch and climbed up on the bar and gave fans back there a solo that they’ll never soon forget! Closing the show with fan-favorite “Stillborn’, a large amount of big black beach balls sporting the Black Label Society logo made their way into the crowd to be volleyed around, or kept as one helluva souvenir. Yes Kids, it IS absolutely worth it to go to a show on a weeknight. And if Black Label Society and Company are heading your way, GO see them. I promise you’ll have no regrets!


photos by Mike McMillen

review by Becky Buerkett Meier


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