Buckcherry brings the Rock to The Block at Harrah’s Philly


Buckcherry brings Classic Rock N Roll to Philly at e Block at Harrah’s !!

Buckcherry rolled into the Philly area like an Mixed MMA fighter, providing a much needed  kick to our musical ass. This band is all about classic , in your face Rock N Roll and tonight was a knockout. They have the sound, the lyrics, the swagger, and the know how to deliver it all LIVE!!!

This was my first time seeing (and photographing) the band. Mike McMillen (founder of FRP) knows the band very well, and coordinated the entire project. The team of Mike, Brad Ferko (partner), and myself were like a Navy Seal team, without anything related to being a Navy Seal!  FRP had three photographers, so we would have all areas covered. As the FRP team watched the Meet and Greet conclude, each member of Buckcherry walked by giving Mike handshakes and familiar hellos, Stevie D instructed Mike to be outside the dressing room for a mini photoshoot with the band prior to going on stage.

Deep in the bowels of the casino, we walked through a kitchen, and corridors joking about the possibility of a Spinal Tap experience. We finally arrived at the freight elevators and waited. You could hear the band coming down the hall from the dressing room, it was go time. The band was beyond nice and knew exactly how to stand for the photos and were incredible cooperative as our five minutes quickly passed. At the conclusion, we rode the elevator up to the stage with the band (can you dig that?).

During the show, which featured all of the band’s big hits; Lit Up, Say Fuck It – (Icona Pop cover), Too Drunk…, Sorry, and of course Crazy Bitch, Josh Todd provided the back story behind some of the songs.  I really appreciated that as I love discovering how the songs were created. The consummate performer, Todd gave everything, dancing across the entire stage he was quickly shirtless,  much to the delight of the rabid female fans which filled the venue. Too Drunk…. was just hilarious, as Josh embellished each verse with animated moves to help visualize the lyrics (wink-wink).

Buckcherry founder was surrounded by an arsenal of musical talent with Sean Winchester on drums and Bassist Kelly LeMieux providing the rhythmic backbone for each song. Sean seemed to be smiling the entire night, and Kelly must be the jokester of the group as he made faces while not missing a beat the entire set. The stage bookends were two guitar virtuosos in Kevin Roentgen and the gunslinger, Stevie Dacanay. Kevin and Stevie D seemed to bounce back and forth with each taking on either a rhythm section or whipping out a solo. If Rock Yoga were ever an exercise form, Stevie D would be the guru. The man is pure energy. Stevie bends notes while bending backwards, and has a HUGE stage presence. The entire band is camera friendly (even when jokingly giving me the finger), and worked with all the photographers in the pit. Closing the night, their encore included Out of Line, and a smoking version of The Doors Classic, Roadhouse Blues.

Buckcherry just announced the Gen-X Summer Tour which starts June 28th along with Lit, POD, and Alien Ant Farm, go to genxsummer.com for more details

Setlist: Ridin’, Broken Glass, Slamin’, Carousel, Lit Up, Say Fuck It – (Icona Pop cover), Tired of You, Tight Pants, Rescue Me, Too Drunk…, Sorry, Gluttony, Crazy Bitch – Encore: Out of Line, Roadhouse Blues (The Doors cover)

Article by Bob Linneman Photos by Mike McMillenn, Brad Ferko, and Bob Linneman


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