Catfish & The Bottleman Captivate at the Radio 104.5 June Block Party

Nothing marks the start of summer quite like a day full of sunny skies, good vibes, and live music. Thanks to Philadelphia’s #1 Alternative radio station 104.5, listeners were able to come together at Xfinity Live on Sunday to celebrate the beginning of summer with the first 104.5 Block Party of the season.

Singer/songwriter Matt Maeson kicked off the show with his short stripped-down set that was performed entirely acoustic. Maeson performed a number of his more popular songs including his big hit “Cringe.” Although his songs were on the softer side, Maeson’s vocals were outstanding and he did a great job keeping the crowd engaged.


Things took a drastic turn with the next performer, Oliver Tree. Tree, who’s actual full name is Oliver Tree Nickell, is a self-proclaimed rap/alternative artist, YouTube star, and professional scooter rider. Tree rolled up to the stage on his scooter and did a number of tricks, stunts, and interesting dance moves during and in between performing songs. His comical and bizarre stage presence was certainly entertaining, and the crowd loved the energy he brought to the Block Party stage. Tree performed a number of his popular songs including “Alien Boy,” “When I’m Down,” and “Hurt.”

Fans who enjoyed Tree’s set will have another opportunity to see Tree in Philadelphia again on October 23 for a Radio 104.5 show at the Theater of Living Arts. Tree announced on his Instagram earlier this month that this tour will be his “last and final,” so don’t miss out on possibly the last chance to see this crazy performer. Click HERE for details!

Things winded down after Tree’s performance with a relaxed and simple performance from the indie-folk duo, Flora Cash. The husband-and-wife pair didn’t do a whole lot of moving around on the stage, but they interacted with the crowd here and there. While the vocals weren’t as good live compared to their recorded tracks, the couple still put on an entertaining set and the whole crowd joined them in singing their hit “You’re Somebody Else” at the end.

The night ended with an amazing performance from the highly anticipated headlining band, Catfish and the Bottlemen. Led by frontman Van McCann, this Welsh indie rock band dominated the radio 104.5 stage with a mix of songs from their earlier projects and their newest album, “The Balance.” The band opened with their lead single off the new album “Longshot,” and transitioned into fan favorites like “Kathleen,” “7,” and “Soundcheck.” McCann’s electric stage presence and amazing guitar skills captivated the crowd for their entire hour-long set. The best part of their performance was by far their extended version of their song “Tyrants” which lasted roughly 10 minutes and closed out their set.

Before the band took the stage, it was announced that Philly will have another opportunity to rock out with Catfish and the Bottlemen on September 28 for a Radio 104.5 show at The Met.

Judging by the crowd of fans there for the band’s Block Party performance, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bottlemen sell out The Met in no time for this upcoming show.

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The next Radio 104.5 Block Party is slotted for July 21 at Xfinity Live again and will headline Silversun Pickups. Other bands set to play include Shaed, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me, and Twin XL. After such a great start to the Radio 104.5 Block Party season, you’ll want to make sure that you make it to the next one!

Article and Photographs by: Olivia Burger

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