Chicago playing the hits in Springfield Il

Tonight was the second time I have photographed Chicago in the last 6 months. Each show was excellent but different.  The first show was a 2 set show, first set was a mixture of songs from their albums and the second set was the Chicago II album in it’s entirety. I really love it when bands do that.  The show tonight was a 2 set, 30 song offering of hit after hit.   That is what really struck me about this show.  It became very apparent how much this band’s music was woven into my early years all the way through to adulthood.  It’s mind-blowing.  Understand that  I have never owned a Chicago album in my life.   For a band to have gotten that much airplay in my head for me to be familiar with that many songs is pretty amazing. I have two now(purchased after the show last November) and plan on buying more soon. I’ve also been watching some of the shows about the band and its history on tv.  Good stuff.  

If you’ve never seen a Chicago show , you really need to go see one.   There are 10 members of the band and they all are allowed to spotlight their talents throughout the night.  There is not one aspect of their performance that isn’t top notch. The lighting is great.  It’s almost like they actually want the ticket buying public to SEE them.   The guitar  , the bass, the keyboards, the percussion, the vocals, and of course the horns. Those horns!   What a great group of extremely talented musicians playing a great catalog of hits.  There is very little downtime in between songs, it’s just a non-stop barrage of sound.  Unlike other groups with this many musicians their stage show is far from boring.  With at least 3 different lead vocalists and a constant change of instruments there is always something new to see and hear. So much fun to experience.  Just like the audience, the band is constantly smiling and laughing, truly enjoying what they are doing.  This is a show  that definitely is worth seeing.  They will be taking this tour all across the US this summer.  Go check them out.


Review and photos by Mike McMillen

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