Daughtry Rattles the Cage in Dubuque

Grammy nominations. Multi-Platinum records. This level of artist is not a common sight in a small river city. But on August 7th, Daughtry brought their “Cage to Rattle” tour to Five Flags Center in Dubuque, IA for a night local rock fans won’t soon forget. While technically an “arena”, Five Flags Center is small enough to feel intimate. The opening act helped that feeling. Sinclair was a simple act – a solo female with guitars, loop pedals, keys, and other various instruments. All by herself, she was able to create some interesting sounds and turn them to music right before your eyes. The highlight of her set was a simple single guitar rendition of “Smooth” by Santana and Rob Thomas.

During a quick stage reset, the floor seats began to empty as the eager crowd jockeyed for floor space in front of the stage. When the lights dimmed and the music started, the audience went wild as Daughtry opened up with “Just Found Heaven”, the lead track from their newest album, “Cage to Rattle”. They then jumped right into hit after hit, sneaking in some new songs along the way. The band was extremely tight like you’d expect from artists of this caliber, and Chris Daughtry’s voice was spot on. He had a great stage presence and had some pretty funny self deprecating humor along the way (his “American Ninja Warrior bit was classic).

After nearly an hour of hits, Daughtry came back up for an encore, playing “Waiting for Superman” and getting the crowd singing along with “Over You”. Then, the lights were up and folks shuffled out of the hall excited and satisfied from witnessing such a deservedly popular band.

Photos and Article by Shannon Woulfe


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