Foo Fighters “Concrete and Gold” Tour in Champaign ll

On Nov 8, 2017  The Foo Fighters brought their “Concrete and Gold” Tour into the Heart of Illinois at the State Farm Center  on the U of I campus.    The show was kicked off by one of the best acts coming out of Great Britain,  The Struts.   Our coverage of The Struts can be found under Latest Shows.

          The Foo Fighters played an energetic set of almost three hours covering songs from albums old and new, as well as 5 covers of artist like Van Halen, The Ramones, Tom Petty , AC/D and Rush(with a guest vocal performance from an audience member).    Beginning the show with “Run” off the  new album the got the almost capacity crowd engaged and led them on a rock journey for the rest of the night.   The crowd seemed a bit confused when singer Dave Grohl asked if they were here for the on hour show, or maybe the two hour show.  They seemed hesitant to respond, maybe because they didn’t want to clap for a set length that was shorter than the Foo planned on playing.  Apparently the band decided on the 3 hour set, which no one was disappointed in.  Everyone sang along to their hits like All My Life, My Hero,Walk, Times Like These,Breakout, Monkey Wrench and the finale after a 4 song Encore, Everlong.  

          Grohl was pretty energetic running from one end of the stage to the other, interacting with the crowd.  Taylor Hawkins’ drum set rose almost 20 ft off the stage as he performed an early, but rousing drum solo.  You can tell this band has fun playing to the crowds, playing music and just being around each other, which pours over into their performances.  Not many bands now days or in the past are at the level of the Foo Fighters right now as can be seen by them extending their tour into 2018 and already selling out stadiums i the US and Europe.    If you are a fan of the Foo Fighters or just a fan of good high energy rock and roll,  this is a show you should catch if they come near you.

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