Garbage Hits The Jackpot In Atlantic City!!!

Garbage Hits The Jackpot in Atlantic City!!!

Garbage Hits The Jackpot in Atlantic City!!!

Garbage fans walked away with massive musical winnings in Atlantic City, NJ.  Celebrating the 20th year anniversary of the Garbage’s huge second release, Version 2.0 which included the band’s best-known singles “Push It,” “I Think I’m Paranoid” and “Special.” The band decided to put together a very limited concert tour satisfy the demands from the fans. Garbage chose an excellent set list not only playing the release in its entirety, but also adding B-sides which sent the crowd over the top. 


During the set the very upfront Shirley Manson, added commentary explaining the mindset during the making of the album and other inspirations. She spoke about the massive success the band experienced when “The World Is Not Enough” was used in the James Bond movie of the same name.  The closest comparison to a party song from the band would be the B-side “Get Busy With The Fizzy”, which Shirley quickly added “Fuck Party Songs” before launching into it. While performing the album, the band took some creative licensing mixing in little snippets from Depeche Mode and Fleetwood Mac to add some extra flavor to the set which matched perfectly.  Garbage also played Cup of Coffee (a tour first) as a crowd request.  The band closed with Cherry Lips which was dedicated to the LGBTQ community which since 1998 has always been a supporter of the band. The tour continues through Mexico, and the band plans on releasing their seventh studio album in 2019!!!

Photos and Review by Bob Linneman

Complete Setlist: Afterglow, Deadwood, Temptation Waits, Wicked Ways (with Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode snippet),Special, The World Is Not Enough (B-Side), 13x Forever (B-Side), Get Busy With the Fizzy (B-Side), Hammering in My Head, Medication, Thirteen (Big Star cover) (B-Side),Can’t Seem to Make You Mine (The Seeds cover) (B-Side) , I Think I’m Paranoid, Sleep Together, Dumb, Soldier Through This(B-Side) , Lick the Pavement(B-Side), Push It, When I Grow Up, You Look So Fine (with Dreams by Fleetwood Mac snippet) Encore: The Trick Is to Keep

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