Ghost brings Death to Peoria

On Friday night Swedish metal band , Ghost, brought their “A Pale Tour Named Death to the Peoria Civic Center Theatre.  Watching the crowd come in to the venue beforehand was pretty interesting as there was an interesting situation.  While Ghost fans dressed in usually black, some with elaborate costumes walked from the parking lot to the show they  mingled with crowds from two other events going on at the Civic Center complex,  a black tie fund-raiser and a hockey game.  I secretly hoped that some of each crowd would somehow end up in the wrong event.  

This was my first Ghost show and although I had watched few videos of shows and song releases seeing this live was a very enjoyable experience.  There was no opening band and as everyone filed in and took their seat the music playing on the P.A. was pretty much what you would expect to hear in a church,(you decide on the denomination). From the minute the curtains opened on the first act, to the final curtain closing at the end of the 2nd and final act , the show was a masterpiece of visual and musical excellence.  Watching the show from the balcony box seats I was able to view both the band and the crowd.  Watching the crowd nodding and raising fists or the horns in unison is quite a sight to see, and honestly somewhat disturbing.  

If this type of music is your thing, or you enjoy as great visual experience you should look into attending a Ghost show.  I was scouring the internet for comments about this show and found more than one musician as well as fan say that this was the best show they had ever seen.  It may be for you was well.   Only one way to find out.  Go see Ghost! 

Photos and review by :  Mike McMillen




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