Greta Van Fleet Dreams in Gold Tour 2022 Peoria Il

Monday night Greta Van Fleet finally was able to bring their Dreams in Gold Tour to The Peoria Civic Center Arena.  This show was postponed a couple of times,  the third time was a charm.   I first photographed Greta Van Fleet in 2017 in a small club in suburbia Chicago. I was there to shoot The Struts and Greta Van Fleet were the openers.  Honestly I don’t remember too much about their set then other than they were much better than I had expected.  Over the years the Michigan band has definitely grown in popularity and exposure worldwide.  

The discussion of them being a Led Zeppelin knock off band is ongoing and I have my own opinions about that.   Seeing all the younger people filling the Civic Center to see a rock show was a great sight , for whatever band they were there for.  Peoria is really starved for big rock shows.   I was just a little guy in the late 60’s so I wouldn’t have seen the rock bands in that time but I can’t imagine there could have been any more silk shirts and velvet bellbottoms then than I saw Monday night.   One other clothing article I saw enough times that night to make notice of was Led Zeppelin concert shirts.  I still am not sure what that is exactly saying, but it was pretty humorous.  


As mentioned before I saw them play in 2017 as the opener in a probably 500 seat venue, and this time was in a sold out arena of over 10,000.  I was looking forward to seeing how they have grown as a band in a few short years.   One of the first things I noticed was that their production and stage presence has changed quite  a bit.   It was obvious they weren’t just 3 young brothers and a friend from Michigan anymore. They hit the stage with an aggression i wasn’t really expecting.  Some pyro,  haze,  huge light panels and loud guitar driven rock and it seemed to me they have made huge leaps in their craft.  


Overall I was pretty impressed with them and their performance even though the Zeppelin-ish  comparisons I think are pretty much spot on.   As a younger person that has discovered them and maybe doesn’t know who Zeppelin is I can see how they would be very attracted to Greta van Fleet.    These guys are very talented and put on a great show.   Grab some bellbottoms, some tickets and hit one of their shows.

Greta Van Fleet  Tour info Here !