Greta Van Fleet Hits High Voltage @ The Electric Factory

      Greta rocks through the Apocalypse! On a night of torrential rain, lighting and tornado warnings, the Electric Factory was still business as usual, or maybe not. The marquee above the front of the building read “SOLD OUT – GRETA VAN FLEET”. Almost an hour before the opener Dorothy took the stage, the 3,000 seat general admission venue located in Philadelphia, Pa was nearing max capacity. T-shirts, posters and other GVF keepsakes were flying out of the merch booth, cold beers and mixed drinks were flowing freely. The greatest part was everyone was there with one shared, common interest Greta Van Fleet. You see, tonight wasn’t business as usual at the Electric Factory. One of the biggest breakout bands in Rock was in the building and would be taking the stage in 2 hours!

      Greta Van Fleet hailing from Frankenmuth, MI is conformed of front man Josh Kiszik, his brothers Sam (bass), Jake (guitar) and high school friend Danny Wagner (drums). Playing together since 2012 the band was signed to their first record deal just over a year ago. Soon after they released their debut studio EP Black Smoke Rising which features 3 chart climbing singles, Safari Song, Black Smoke Rising as well as their debut single Highway Tune which topped the Billboard charts for “US Mainstream” and “Active Rock”. 

      At nearly 10pm on the nose, the lights went down in the venue and the screams and cheers began. The chant of “Greta, Greta, Greta” could be heard simultaneously. You could see the back lit silohuettes of the band members on stage, as the lights came up each member approached the audience with a fistful of roses and tossed them to a few lucky ladies. The band took their places and it began. The familiar guitar riff to “Highway Tune” ripped out of the monitors and the show was on.

      With an incredible light display and the growling vocal of singer Josh the band next went into Edge of Darkness followed by When The Cold Wind Blows in which guitaist Jake Kiszik ripped out a behind the head guitar solo which grew full applause. The band mixed in a tremendous cover of Evil by Howlin’ Wolf. At the conclusion of Lover Leaver Taker Believer the lights went dark and the band said their goodbyes to the crowd. However, they weren’t finished! The two song encore featured non other than Black Smoke Rising and ended with Safari Song. 

      What a show! This performance as a whole left me speechless. The entire production, sound and lighting is flawless and this band is only going one direction, UP. I highly recommend getting tickets ASAP if they are heading to a venue anywhere within driving distance to you. 

  1. Highway Tune

    Play Video

  2. Edge of Darkness

    Play Video

  3. When the Cold Wind Blows

    Play Video

  4. Talk on the Street

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  5. Flower Power

6. You’re the One

7. Evil (Howlin’ Wolf)

8. Mountain of the Sun

9. Watching Over

10. Lover Leaver Take Believer


11. Black Smoke Rising

12. Safari Song

Review and Photos by Brad Ferko


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