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We caught up with Nick Reese, lead singer of the West Coast band, Joyous Wolf.   

Front Row will be covering their show on June 1st in Peoria Il at Spring Fling .  

FRP :    Tell me a little bit about the band ,  where you’re from how you got your start.

NICK :  Orange County California. We got our start jamming together really. It’s not much more complicated than that . We met at different times throughout my life and our lives together and just  kind of randomly came  together in 2014 and  it’s sort of kept going.

FRP:    Has the band always been these members?

NICK:    Yea, pretty much. Like 99 percent of the time. We’ve been a band actually for four years, earlier this month.

FRP:    Who were your biggest influences musically.

NICK:     For the four of us it’s like millions of different things. For me  personally it’s a lot of old blues artists, soul singers and early rock n rollers like Elvis , Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Fats Domino, Chuck  Berry, Little Richard. Those are the guys really that made me love the music.

FRP:     You have a real bluesy sounding voice. I think a lot of people are surprised at that because you guys are pretty young right?

NICK:    Yea. I have parents(laughs).  They listened to a few different things and I picked up things along the way. My dad’s record collection was really what drove me towards the music that I love,  you know? And then I would go and explore and go deeper myself and that’s how I discovered the music I liked.

FRP:     You guys just released a new EP called ‘Place In Time’.  This is your first EP, right?

NICK:    Yea, about a month ago.

FRP:     How’s that going? How is it being received?

NICK:    Definitely positive man, it’s been great.  Every review has been very colorful saying how much  they like it. There are really no complaints there, that’s awesome.

FRP:      It’s a seven cut EP.  Do you play all the songs each set?

NICK:    We play most of them.  Our sets are forty-five minutes to an hour.  If its an hour set, we play  pretty much the entire recording and also  two unreleased newer tracks along with most of the  EP.

FRP:     What’s your favorite song from the EP to play live.

NICK:    Umm, I think it’s probably Undesired, or Said Too Much.  Honestly I like playing them all for different reasons. It really just depends on the night. Well I like playing Undesired live, It’s our opening track for the concerts and it’s always a good introduction.

FRP:      Are there any songs that you like playing live more than you like as much as the EP?

NICK:    No. I think they’re  better live than they are on the record to be honest.

FRP:     You guys really rely a lot on your live performance, which is really good.

NICK:    That’s how we’ve always been ya know.  We like how our EP came out but you know, it was our first real go at that process and now we are just like , now we know what we want and I can tell you it’s going to be a lot different in the future.

FRP:     Let’s talk about your energy at the shows.  You come out with a handspring and the splits. And   it’s no let up after that. How do you keep that energy going, since you guys are touring a lot.

NICK:   Yea, for me it’s fairly easy.  I go to the gym, me and the boys go to the gym as much as possible.  We have a pass so we can hit the gym all across the country and that’s a good way to stay in shape. I think that’s that’s a big, you know, thing ,and also just naturally I’ve always been kind of an athletic kind of guy.

FRP:   So you just announced your first headlining tour, I believe.

NICK:  It’s our first headlining show.  There is a headlining tour, it just hasn’t been announced yet.

FRP:     But there is one coming up.

NICK:    Yes.

FRP:     You’re  pretty excited about that I imagine.

NICK:    Well, I mean we don’t look at it much differently than the shows we’ve already been doing. The only differences that we get to play a little longer and that’ll definitely take some getting used to.              And we go last(laughs).

FRP:     Where do you see yourself after this tour with Buckcherry?

NICK:    We’ll be with them for another 40 shows then we’ll be  doing some shows with Slash and  Myles Kennedy in the North.

FRP:     Oh nice

NICK:    It will be like 6 or 7 shows  I don’t quite remember how many but we do that July and then you have some other kind of one offs all over the place with festivals and then go and do our headlining tour in September and then some more stuff beyond. It’s going to be a  very busy year.

FRP:     Where’s your headlining tour are going to be covering?

NICK:    All over, it’s going to be all over the place, all over America.

FRP:     Did you ever get tired of being on the road is that pretty grinding?

NICK:    No. Actually I mean a couple of days off here and there are good, most definitely.  Especially for me, I get to rest my voice and that’s always good. But honestly when I go home I’m good for like three days I and want to get going again. I’ve become very happy with the transient lifestyle.

FRP:     Different town every night.

NICK:  Yea. Pretty much. I just like performing. I like putting our products out there and really putting  ourselves out there and asserting our dominance as a live group.  It is pretty much what I love to do and I love to express myself you know on stage. It’s really like the only place that makes me really happy.

FRP:     I guess that one of the things most people see is when you come on stage is  right for the very  first note it’s full on right then you know. You don’t work into it, it’s 100% from the start.

NICK:    So a lot of my heroes did it and that’s how I like it. I like coming out and smacking them in the face, you know? . We just want to be first and foremost be a good band. We want to be the best band that we can be. It’s not about the glitz and the glamour or whatever it’s about going out there  and showing people where we set the bar and you know put us out with anybody. And I  guarantee you will set the bar higher. That’s just how we are as a group. We’re competitive but  we are respectful.  And as you can tell you know we’re always thankful for any credits given to us  and we’ll always say and give credit where credit’s due and we’ll give it to the people that we’re opening for. But, you know when we are on the stage it’s our building. You know for that 45 minutes it ours and we’ll treat it like it’s ours.

FRP:     You must be doing something right if you’re going to play with Myles Kennedy and Slash.

NICK:    I mean he actually , Slash actually invited us which is very nice. We played one show with them in  the fall last year and they asked us back. We were going to play Rockfest but the dates intersected and we said, well we aren’t going to say no, so we took the dates with Slash.  I’m happy that we did it.

FRP:     That’s got to feel great.

NICK:    It does it really really does. And so we just keep moving forward.You know we just keep building ourselves up and getting better as a group,  tighter as a group. And we have the record out now so people could actually go listen to music which I’m happy about it.  You know and I’m happy about the messages in the music and what’s out there, and I’m loving seeing people talk  about it connecting with them in different ways and having different meanings to their lives. That’s what I wanted our songs to start a conversation.

FRP:     Are you going to have the EP’s for sale at the shows?

NICK:    Yeah we are. And they’ve been going fast so I apologize if they are out of stock. We’ve ordered more though so hopefully we will be restocked but it is nice to see most of our rack empty every night. People really want to buy them and it makes me really happy that so much music is out there.

FRP:     Where else can they get them?  I got mine off Amazon.

NICK:    Digitally you can get them anywhere and physicals are coming soon to our website online store..  So they’ll be able to purchase physical copies all over the world very soon.

FRP:     Alright.Thanks for your time Nick. We’ll see you Saturday at SpringFling in Peoria.

NICK:    Ok.  Nice talking to you, see you soon.

Check them out here..

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