Josh Todd & The Conflict throw a rock party at The Roxy in Hollywood

Saturday night Josh Todd debuted his new band Josh Todd & The Conflict as well as their new album “Year of the Tiger” at The Roxy Theater in Hollywood California.  From the moment the lights dimmed and the air raid sirens filled the air to the last kick on the bass drum, the crowd was cheering and singing along with the album that had only been out one day.  That shows you how great this album is. The fans had been looping the album of the last 48 hours.   Fans came not only from the Los Angeles area, but from Japan, Minnesota, and Illinois for this show and they weren’t disappointed.  Beginning the set with the title track of the album they showed the edgier and harder sound that you will find throughout this album.  The band members are of course Josh Todd on vocals,  Stevie D on guitar,  Gregg Cash(from Dorothy) on bass and Sean Winchester(from Everclear) on drums.  This album is full of everything a rock album should be, hard, driving drums, bass lines that will rattle your windows, guitar riffs and solos that are very angry sounding, and of course vocals and lyrics that are very introspective on songs like Story of My Life and Good Enough, to aggressive and emotional in songs like Conflict and Fucked UP.  They have released three videos from this album prior to it’s release,  two songs being performance videos for Year of The Tiger and Fucked Up, and a concept video for Rain that has really set the tone for the album and the direction Josh is taking this endeavor.   The tour dates are to be announced around September 21st on .  The album is available in cd,digital and vinyl formats at all the usual online outlets as well as Best Buy.   Check out their facebook page and catch a show in your area and be prepared to have a blast. 

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