Judah and the Lion’s “Going to Mars” Invades Philly


      From the moment I drove down the side street of The Fillmore to enter the parking facility, I saw a line of fans waiting to enter that stretched longer than I have ever seen before. Right then and there, I knew the invasion had begun! Judah and the Lion have become a household name in the city of Philadelphia. They played here for the first time almost 4 years ago in front of 30 people as front man (Judah Akers) recalled during the show. “There were about 30 people eating dinner in this small club and we were jumping off table tops and playing our jams”. Since then the band has been a staple at many radio station festivals, block parties and now, their second headlining tour. This tour which kicked off recently is in support of their second full length LP “Going to Mars” which shares its name with the tour itself. 

      Judah entered the stage dawned in a Philadelphia Eagles, Carson Wentz jersey to the traditional intro “Booty Wurk” a T-Pain cover. He brought up the city’s recent Super Bowl victory which led into “Twenty-Somethings” which was followed by “Hold On” and “Kickin’ da Leaves”. The Fillmore has arguably never been more packed. Every fan, singing every word of every song it was beautiful! The band played roughly 90 minutes mixing old songs and new as well as hits “Take it All Back”, “Suit & Jacket”, “Rich Kids” leading into “Going to Mars” in which Judah entered the crowd, center of the floor and stood on a stool. Literally surrounded by fans he talked about the meaning of Going to Mars, basically expressing YOU can achieve ANYTHING that you set your mind to. He noted that “when you walk out of those doors today, do you can achieve anything that you set your mind to” and to “never let anyone keep you from your dreams”. The set ended in an encore of “Lean on Me” by Bill Wither and “Water”. 

      Between The Fillmore being arguably the greatest venue in the tri-state area, the sound, the lighting, the band, the setlist and lastly, the crowd’s participation this was a show that will never be forgotten. The way this band has grown, written new content and matured has paved a path long into the future. The tour continues nationwide. If tickets are still available, grab them NOW!

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