Kim Petras brings Clarity to The Fillmore

The next best thing in pop music is undoubtedly Kim Petras. The 27 year old German singer gave a stunning performance at Philadelphia’s Fillmore on Tuesday evening, showcasing the absolute best qualities that one can ask from an up-and-coming pop star.

Petra’s left nothing behind in her performance, giving fans in attendance everything they could want – a killer setlist, amazing vocals, and of course multiple wardrobe changes.

Perhaps one of the most impressive things about Petras is her fan base. Referred to as “bunheads,” Petras’ fans are nothing if not crazy when it comes to her shows. A member of the LGBTQ+ community herself, Petras has gained a large following in the community and become somewhat of an icon for gender and sexual minorities. Immediately upon entering the venue I could tell that her fans were passionate for her message and music, and that this was going to be a fun, high energy show.

Petras’ opening act, DJ Alex Chapman, did an amazing job getting the crowd ready for her. He played the perfect mix of rap, pop, and dance songs perfectly tailored to the Petras fanbase.

Petras opened the show with her single “Clarity,” which is also the title of her first full length album and the name of this particular headlining tour. This is only Petras’ second headlining tour, which is extremely impressive considering that she is playing large venues across the country like the Fillmore.

One of my favorite things about Petras’ performance was her stage presence. For the entire duration of the show, she was serving straight looks, hitting all the right angles, and playfully engaging with the crowd in between songs. Were her dance moves Beyoncé status? No. Were her vocals giving me Ariana vibes? Not really. But the way she filled the stage with her presence gave me that mega-star feeling, and the way her fans reacted to her energy was electric.

Towards the end of her set, I was happily surprised to see Petras perform an acoustic cover of The Killers’ “Human.” It made for a nice intimate moment in which you could actual hear Petras’ vocals away from all the heavy pop beats and vocal backings. Petras also performed a very rare and special short acoustic performance of her song “If U Think About Me” for a fan who had wanted to hear the song on the tours setlist.

Overall, Petras put on an amazing show, and certainly entertained the crowd in the best ways possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if this pop icon blows up in the near future.

To listen to Kim Petras latest release “TURN OFF THE LIGHT,” visit HERE. For more information on Kim Petras or for more tour dates, visit HERE.

Photography and review by Olivia Burger. 

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