Kiss stops in Peoria on the End of The Road Tour 2020

Kiss made a long anticipated stop in Peoria Il on Saturday night as part of their End Of The Road Tour.   I grew up listening to Kiss and really can appreciate their commitment to putting on a memorable show. having seen them twice I can say for sure,  from the first notes of Detroit Rock City to the last explosion and all the confetti settles on Rock and Roll All Night, there isnt a dead spot.  You get what you pay for seeing this legendary band who have blazed a trail across 4+ decades and never looked back.   Hearing songs from their beginnings like Cold Gin, 100,000 Years and my most likely favorite , Black Diamond brought a smile to my face.  A Kiss show is an experience everyone should have while they are able to catch them.  One really cool thing is the age range of the people at a Kiss show.  There are people there in their 60’s and little kids there under 10.  I know of a couple people that were thrilled about being able to take their child to see Kiss together.   I(t’s really what music is all about.  Put all the everyday bullshit behind you and take a few hours and escape from things, whether its a new band or a band the takes you back to younger days.  Go see a show. support live and local music!.


Photos and review : Mike McMillen



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