Mayday Parade gets emo at the Theater of Living Arts


Mayday Parade brought a whole lot of emo nostalgia to the Theater of Living Arts on Friday evening for a sold-out show unlike any other. The band ventured out of their normal comfort zone with this particular tour titled the “Forever Emo Tour,” performing more covers than original songs. By playing a mix of their biggest early hits and covers of favorite pop-punk tracks, the band attempted to create a setlist that would get the crowd excited with emo energy.

Covers were sampled from bands including Taking Back Sunday, Good Charlotte, Sum 41, New Found Glory, Jimmy Eat World, The Killers, Dashboard Confessional, Fall Out Boy, Blink-182, and My Chemical Romance.

Original songs performed by the band included “Oh Well, Oh Well,” “Kids In Love,” “Jamie All Over,” and “Jersey.”

Despite being injured from a minor incident earlier in the week, lead singer Derek Sanders did his best with moving around the stage and engaging the crowd. The band did an excellent job performing so many covers, giving these iconic songs the proper justice they deserve.

All those in attendance seemed to love seeing Mayday Parade perform in a new way, shouting out the lyrics to all the original songs as well as the covers.

Opening for Mayday Parade was Emo Night Brooklyn, a pop-punk/emo DJ that hosts a number of emo nights across the country. Emo Night Brooklyn did a great job with getting the crowd pumped up for a night full of emo hits.

It will be interesting to see if Mayday Parade will do another one of these “Forever Emo” tours, or if other bands will follow in their footsteps with similar tour concepts. The “Forever Emo Tour” only included ten dates, but I can definitely see this concept being successful in more cities and dates in the future.

For more information about Mayday Parade including upcoming tour dates, visit their website HERE. For more information about the next Emo Night Brooklyn event being held at the Foundry at the Fillmore in Philadelphia on November 22, visit HERE


Photographs and text by Olivia Burger. 


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