MMR Rocks through the Rain!!!! @BB&T Pavilion Camden NJ

MMR Rocks through the Rain!!!!   

Rain has become synonymous with the MMRBQ, an annual one-day festival presented by the Philadelphia radio station 93.3 WMMR (yes, the stream online).  Every year, they gather an impressive lineup, and 2018 did not disappoint. Local band, In the Presence of Wolves kicked off the day (another tradition) with an awesome set list.  In the Presence of Wolves started out high energy, and kept it going the whole set.  It was the perfect selection to get the mildly wet fans an energy boost. A stand out of their performance was lead singer and bassist Vini Stamato who appeared to be attacking his bass.

Next to take the stage was Radkey,  a family trio of out of Missouri.  Brothers  Isaiah, Solomon, and Dee Radke which only formed in 2010 supplied a stage presence well beyond their youthful ages.  Dee and Isaiah would regularly gather in front of Dee’s drum kit and just collapse while still playing.  Isaiah was in constant motion running in circles when not providing backup vocals. 

What’s this? Lap guitar? Pedal Steel guitar? Harmonica?  Are we going to listen to some Country music? I thought this was the band who did such covers as Beastie Boys’ Sabotage? Well, as The record Company’s lead singer Chis Vos gripped a green bullet mic, the band showed us rock with a bit of bluesy southern flavor.  Backed by Alex Stiff mostly on bass, ad Marc Cazorla on drums, they have a solid hook with each song.  It’s easy to see why this 3 piece band was Grammy nominated.  FYI – They did cover Sabotage!

The stage began to fill with smoke and an Elvira like figure emerged through the smoke holding what I could only guess was a smoking white Sage bundle to cleanse the stage of negative energy.  Dorothy Martin’s voice filled the venue like Valhalla’s horn.  She packs a sound much larger than her appearance.  She has been described (accurately) as a love child between Robert Plant and Janis Joplin.  Dorothy has a huge Philadelphia fan base, and has played the city numerous times, and you can tell that she really connected with the MMRBQ crowd.  She is currently touring behind her new release “28 Days In The Valley, “which was just released March 2018.

The fog machine was not finished as the sun started to set and the stage filled with red lighting. Backed by non-traditional rock instruments, violin, upright bass, Jonathan Davis walked up and grabbed the mic in his usual stance.  While he could not help hitting the poses Davis is famous for, the energy was turned down a little as the new songs from the album, “Black Labyrinth” released on May 25th, did not call for the manic actions we have grown accustomed  to when Jonathan Davis performs with Korn.  The stage was set mostly in a constant red and casted an eerie glow to the performance.   The setlist included Everyone, Forsaken, Final Days, What You Believe, Basic Needs, System, Walk on By, What It Is, Happiness.  As usual it was a great day for music despite the weather.

Article and Photos by Bob Linneman


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