Nathaniel Rateliff Sells Out The “Skyline”

      The Mann Center which is one of Philadelphia’s premier concert venues did not disappoint kicking off Skyline Stage season with a sold-out show The Head and The Heart and Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats show. The Stage provided a more intimate setting to these see two fantastic artists. It could’ve been called the Musical Magic stage, as the stage area is at the top of the outdoor venue with vistas that look over the city of Philadelphia.

      Opening the evening was the Seattle folk-rock band The Head and The Heart. The band played through a mix of everything, new, old, alternate versions and of course crowd favorites. During the first break, lead singer Jonathan Russell described what he was seeing as a huge family BBQ. Jonathan also apologized for sweating profusely and explained they just enjoyed playing a brewery yesterday, and well, you know. Although still missing was founding member Josiah Johnson who has been on hiatus due to health-related issues, the remaining band members Jonathan Russell (vocals, guitar, percussion), Charity Rose Thielen (violin, guitar, vocals), Chris Zasche (bass), Kenny Hensley (piano), and Tyler Williams (drums) provided a setlist which match the very relaxed surrounding for the evening.

      As the day turned into night, and the fog machine kicked into high gear and The Night Sweats launched right into Shoe Boot, a funky tune off the new release which brought a dancing Nathanial Rateliff to the microphone stand. This is how the rest of the night was going to be, and everyone had a smile on their face. The band is currently supporting their new release Tearing at the Seams which was just released two months ago. Nathanial Rateliff and The Night Sweats could be described as current day Blues Brothers, with some Southern flair and a dash of rock. It’s just feel-good music, which had the crowd dancing all night!! They ended the night by bringing The Head and The Heart out to perform Bruce Springsteen’s “Atlantic City.”

 Setlist – Shoe Boot, Be There, Look It Here, A Little Honey, Coolin’ Out, Out on the Weekend, You Worry Me, Wasting Time, You Should’ve Seen the Other Guy {Solo}, {Horn Intro} Babe I Know, I Need Never Get Old, Hey Mama, S.O.B., Trying So Hard Not to Know Encore: Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen cover). Both bands are touring heavily throughout the summer with some international dates for Rateliff.

Article and Photos by Bob Linneman