Rock 105.7 Spring Fling 2018 – Day Two


Night two of Spring Fling on Peoria’s riverfront was an absolute success. The lines were long with fans waiting (not necessarily patiently, but they did pretty good) to see some of their favorite bands perform tonight. 

_FRP6796The night started out with Burden of the Sky who came on and were ready to play. These guys are local to the central Illinois scene and have been making pretty big strides as to letting everyone know that they are ready to make waves in the music industry. From catchy choruses, to awesome riffs, these guys had an energy that was exciting to see. 

_FRP7036After Burden of the Sky was the sensation known as I Prevail. These guys out of Detroit, Michigan know how to throw a party. Awesome vocals, heavy guitar playing, constant excitement was all that could be seen and the crowd was loving it. Not only was the music good but the entertainment value was great as well. The lights were exactly what they needed, huge blasts of fog would explode with the impacts of the break downs, and the singer, Eric Vanlerberghe, even ran out a few times with a huge tank strapped to his back connected to a fog gun that shot out into the crowd. A great performance indeed. 

_FRP7052Now this next act is where things started to get interesting. The wind was picking up, the sky was thinking about unloading rain on the crowd, and Sevendust was on their way to give the show they are known to give regardless of the weather. As soon as they stepped on stage, the sprinkling stopped and the power of this mighty band began. These guys throw down. The musical communication between each member and the practice they put into their craft give an astounding and tight performance that you can only expect to see from a band that has been harnessing their craft like they have over the past 24 years. Their singer, Lajon Witherspoon, had such a presence on the stage and commanded respect. The guitars were tight, the drums were perfect. Even with winds gusting they did not falter. At one point their guitarist John Connolly tried to throw a pick to the fans and as it went the wind blew it right back to him. The crazy part was not only did it return to him like a boomerang, but he caught it and then kept playing with it. I’ve seen this band in the past multiple times and every time I see them they continue to out perform the last. Incredible. 

_FRP7227Finally. The moment everyone was waiting for. Stone Sour took the stage. Immediately proclaiming to everyone why they were the headliner. Pyrotechnics, confetti cannons, anger, and power all at one time. You couldn’t help but get pumped up as soon as they started. The might of Corey Taylor’s vocals mixed with the power of Roy Mayorga’s drums created a bedrock for the music to fly over and punch you square in the face. The energy was contagious. Everyone was jumping and screaming. You couldn’t help yourself. Josh Rand held down the riffs as Christian Martucci’s leads soared over the crowd. The lovely combination was all held together by the pummeling bass that is Johny Chow. The show never had a low point. Even with this being one of the last shows of their current tour cycle, you could not see any fatigue in the band. Tight, solid, good old heavy music. By the end of the performance you were left feeling energized and ready to take on the world. 

review by Seth Kehres photos by Mike McMillen


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