Shinedown starts the Revolution in Peoria

Peoria loves Shinedown.   There’s no questioning that fact.  Regardless of how other rock bands fare in Peoria you can always count on a Shinedown show being one of the biggest draws of the year.  

Saturday night they brought supporting acts Diamante and The Pretty Reckless to the Peoria Civic Center on the Revolutions Live Tour.   Both acts did a great job of warming up the crowd with Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless really showing they are a good fit on this tour.   


The stage is an interesting setup with the drums at one end of a large protruding rectangular stage. at the far end was a ‘T’.  During the Shinedown set we were told we could only photograph from the ‘T’ because of the pryo being used.   Ok, I get it.   There’s going to be fire at the other end.   Wrong.  There was fire shooting up from holes in the stage probably every 10 feet.  It was the closest to fire I have ever been while photographing a concert.  It was crazy!

Their new album Planet Zero is out on July 1st and it’s going to be a banger for sure.   The set list consisted of most of the Shinedown favorites,  a Foo Fighters cover of Wheels and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man as well as leading off with The Saints of Violence and Innuendo and Planter Zero from the upcoming album.   

“Planet Zero” Music Video:

“The Saints of Violence and Innuendo” Lyric Video:

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Coverage by Mike McMillen