Styx On a Mission in Peoria

Styx finally made it’s way through Peoria on Thursday night.    It has been a long time since we were able to see this home state, classic band here on our own turf.  They are currently touring n support of their newly released album “The Mission”.    I recommend you going out and giving that a listen.    One of the things I have grown to love most about concert photography is when I get to cover bands that I grew up listening to.   This show fit perfectly into that scenario. 

Styx started the show with the first two songs their new album followed by “Blue Collar Man”. This really got the crowd going and it never stopped as they rocked out hit after hit after hit.   Sitting there listening to this music and watching an extremely engaging stage show and musical performance,  I was reminded of many periods of my life.  That is what music is supposed to do, touch people and make life long memories.  I have recently realized this about shows I’ve covered.  Being from Peoria Illinois,  Reo Speedwagon is a given but I have covered Cheap Trick and Chicago multiple times in the last 3 years and it really struck me how much I really liked those bands and how much their music was the soundtrack to my life for quite a few years.   Styx has just been added to that soundtrack.

The musicianship was nothing less than stellar and you could tell that they are still enjoying performing for the many fans that continue to pack venues to sing along with their favorite tunes.   One of the moments that stood out of the whole show was when Lawrence Gowan did  a Bohemian Rhapsody sing along with the crowd which led into a adrenaline  charged rendition of Come Sail Away.   The show wrapped up with Mr. Roboto and  finally Renegade.   Styx continues to perform at extremely highly entertaining levels and is a delight to see.  I will be hitting more shows as I can for sure.  


All photos and review by :  Mike McMillen

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