Tenacious D SOLD OUT Chicago!








        The great acoustic metal/comedy duo, Tenacious D , sells out Chicago Riviera Theatre two nights in a row. The bearded brothers haven’t been on tour together in 5 years, with  Kyle Gass  being busy touring and recording and Jack Black focusing on his movie career.

        The crowd was full of energy and excitement to see Jack Black and Kyle Gass, AKA the mighty Tenacious D ROCK the stage. The first half of the performance was mostly performing songs from the newly released  rock opera album ,Post-Apocalypto.  A semi-transparent screen was draped over the front of the stage for projection of the cartoon series, only showing the band behind the netting. I enjoyed the cartoon portion but I found the netting to be annoying when trying to see Tenacious D perform on stage. In talking with some fans in the crowd there screen received mixed reviews  with most  asking  why they couldn’t have the netting be behind them. Either way first set was entertaining and fun.

After the closing reprise of the series’ theme song, the screen was finally raised out of the way to start the second set.  Jack Black then says to the crowd “After the crew tears the first set down we will be playing our greatest hits” which caused the crowd to explode. They


started off with “Rize of the Fenix.” and continued playing classic after classic ranging from their earlier work to now.  They both were constantly interacting and having a killer fun time with the audience.

Jack Black praised the Chicago fans as Chicago is one of their favorite places to play. The die-hard fans showed their love and support by singing word for word every song from the second half of the set.  On the first night of two sold-out shows. Chicago  gave Tenacious D an amazing welcome back to Chitown. 

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Review and photos by Jake Warkel


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