The Struts One Night Only at The Castle Theatre in Bloomington , Il

Tuesday night, The Castle Theatre in Bloomington Illinois hosted a rock show that spanned 3 countries. Featured acts were Spirit Animal (Brooklyn, NY), The Glorious Sons (Kingston, Ontario), and The Struts (Derby, UK).   When the Struts finally took the stage, I knew my wait was going to be well worth going out on a school night because the nearly sold-out crowd’s enthusiasm and anticipation was palpable  Frontman Luke Spiller came bursting out on stage like a Human Tornado and he never stopped. With each song, he included his audience going as far as asking to ‘ show their teeth’ as a way to get them to smile. As if he even had to ask! I saw smiles for miles.  As a long time fan of Glam Rock, it did this old-school rock and roll soul proud to hear similes of Slade, Sweet, The Rolling Stones, and Queen come pouring out of The Struts and their amps, and rolling off the satiny and shiny clothes of Luke. (It certainly didn’t hurt that Luke bears an uncanny likeness both in looks and command of the stage to the Almighty Freddie Mercury). Addo Slack (guitar), Jed Elliott (bass) and Gethin Davies (drums) make up the rest of the band, and each managed to remain a touch unassuming on stage, while letting their music prowess and collective craftsmanship do all the talking. Every song was tight, polished, and delivered in expert precision. HUGE thumbs up to the unexpected (but much appreciated) homage to David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel”. I walked away from my virgin experience at a Struts show completely delighted that my initial assumptions were 100% wrong. I was expecting cheese and crackers, but was fed Filet Mignon and Truffles. On a platinum platter.  The Struts are on a stadium tour again this year with The Foo Fighters starting in July.   It’s amazing to see a band playing in intimate venues such as The Castle and then venues such as Madison Square Garden.  Their effort during the shows never changes regardless of the venue.  Catch them this summer on their One Night Only Tour and with the Foo.   

Photos by Owner/SR Photographer  – Mike McMillen   

Review by contributing writer – Becky Buerkett Meier

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