The Struts – Sell Out Philly !!


The Struts - TLA - Philadelphia 10.06.18

Jed Elliot of The Struts – TLA – Philadelphia 10.06.18

Sure, they’ve played in stadiums many times, just toured with the Foo Fighters, but it’s always nice when a band remembers to come home.  Well, in this case their second home, Philadelphia.  The City of Brotherly Love has always been a tremendous supporter of The Struts. The sold-out show at the Theater of the Living Arts was at capacity with the crowd as far back as the Merch table in the lobby (about five feet from the venue door), unreal!

The night was a fantastic mix with mostly new material from their 2nd album Young & Dangerous which is set for release October 26th.  The band blended just enough of the big hits to the set list at just the right moments.  Opening with “Primadonna,” it allowed Adam Slack to really showcases his guitar chops early in the evening. As usual, lead singer Luke Spiller had the crowd clapping and jumping throughout the whole night.  Geth really attacked the drums during “Your Body Talks,” pausing and then viciously beating the skins so hard you felt it in your chest.

The band took some creative licensing during a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” as we got to experience some major guitar work from both Adam Slack and Jed Elliot while Luke asked for some “Courtney Coxes” to come up on stage.  Elena and Dennis were the lucky fans to dance and sing with Luke which turn into a ring around the rosy number of sorts. The band played “Fire Part 1”, which was released just the day before, and Luke jokingly said, “Pretend you know the words”, during the solo Luke jumps over to play the upright piano which is a new feature to the stage this time around.  The tour travels through the southern United States before heading West in November.

SETLIST: Primadonna Like Me(new), Body Talks(new), Kiss This, Fire (Part 1) (new), Dirty Sexy Money, People(new), One Night Only, Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen cover), Mary Go Round, Put Your Money on Me, Bulletproof Baby(new), Where Did She Go.  Encore: Somebody New(new), Ashes (Part 2) (new), Could Have Been Me.

Photos and Review by Bob Linneman

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