Train Delivers in Philly

Train performing at the BB&T pavilion on 08.10.19

Train performing at the BB&T pavilion on 08.10.19

An immense train started as the venue darkened, with the familiar chug chug of the engine, the stage filled with smoke as headlights could be seen breaking through the “fog”. The band finally took the stage to screaming fans as the silhouette of Patrick Monahan of Train could be seen center stage. Opening with “Callin’ All Angels”, Monahan’s powerful voice ran throughout the BB&T Pavilion “I won’t give up if you don’t you don’t give up.”

Pat Monahan of Train performing at the BB&T pavilion on 08.10.19

While the band of course had a set-list, the banter between the band members added some comedic content to the performance.  During “Meet Virginia”, Monahan informed the crowd that Luis Maldonaldo was from Philadelphia (right across the river).  He said that while the solo he just played was good, but the crowd deserved a better solo.  This sent Luis into a fret-board frenzy as his fingers danced across the guitar smashing the second solo.  Luis’ talents as well as that of his brother Hector (bass) were showcased with some incredible axemanship, especially when the band covered Tom Petty‘s “American Girl” which he sported a double neck Gibson, “Under Pressure” by Queen and “Heartbreaker” by Led Zeppelin

Train Setlist

Of course, there was plenty of softer rock! “Marry Me,” provided a great wedding story filled with drone aerial visuals.  This was when cameras turn on the crowd to show couples cuddling, then surprised, then supplying the obligatory kiss for the camera.  To close the evening, they performed “Drops of Jupiter” which culminated with Pyrotechnics on the stage and Confetti falling all over the crowd.  After the band said goodnight, and the house lights came on you could see the result of happiness as the smiles exited walking over the complete mess left on the floor. The band currently consists of Patrick Monahan (lead vocals), Luis Maldonado (guitar), Hector Maldonado (bass, vocals), Jerry Becker (keyboards, guitar), Matt Musty (drums) Sakai Smith (backup vocals), and Nikita Houston (backup vocals).

Train Tour

The Train tour continues only for a few more days.  Click HERE to see if your one of the lucky towns,

Train Cruise

or better yet, make it a music vacation next year and join the band on a cruise!  Click HERE for more info!!

Article and Photographs by: Bob Linneman


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  1. We were there in VIP boxes and it was a bad ass show….You guys rocked it and the covers were spot on too. Goo D’s were awesome too. Thanks for honoring some great bands we all grew up with and the Perfect LOUD lead guitar was awesome…..

    We will see you again

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